Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New view on exploratory testing

In the past I was reluctant to embrace exploratory testing as a means to test a product during development. At the time all I knew was the strict waterfall environment working for a major financial firm.

Now I find myself in a completely different environment (agile) and responsible for the quality of a complete rewrite of a major web application. I do not see any other way for my team to be successful in driving quality then to do major exploratory type testing along with automation.

I am experimenting with different ways to combine structure with exploratory-type testing. That is what I will be blogging about for at least the next few posts.

I am looking at a few sites right now to gauge what others are doing in the field such as Mike Kelly's series on session-based testing and Jonathan Kohl's site for ideas on how to manage this type of testing. Stay tuned...


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